Committee Responsibilities

Lodge Committee Responsibilities

(As described in the lodge plan book)

Brotherhood Committee

The Brotherhood Committee encourages all Ordeal Arrowmen to seal their membership by becoming a  Brotherhood member.  The Committee schedules and handles the physical arrangements for all Brotherhood ceremonies and works closely with the Ceremonies Committee to arrange for Brotherhood Ceremony Teams.  (Restricted Membership)


Ceremonies Committee

The Ceremonies Committee is responsible for the effective presentation of all Order of the Arrow induction ceremonies, calling out ceremonies, and special ceremonies at Order of the Arrow and Dan Beard Council activities.  The committee oversees the construction, maintenance, and inventory of all ceremony outfits and supplies.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for coordinating all communications and promotions to the Lodge through e-mails, Facebook, LinkedIn (social media) and the Lodge website.


Dance and Drum Team Committee

The Dance and Drum Team Committee is responsible for scheduling and executing all performances of the Lodge Dance Team.  It helps members build an outfit and promotes the Lodge, Order of the Arrow and Scouting through its presence and activities.


Elangomat Committee

The Elangomat Committee is responsible for recruiting and training the Elangomats (friends) for the Ku-Ni-Eh Ordeals.  The committee works with the Elangomats to ensure that contact is maintained with the clans until membership is sealed.


Insignia Committee

The Insignia Committee is responsible for designing the patches, flaps, etc. for the Lodge’s events, etc.


Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee is responsible for the preparation and distribution of all public relations materials related to Lodge, Chapter and committee activities.


Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for the preparation, and distribution of the Arrow’s Path (Ku-Ni-Eh newsletter) and Lodge Planbook.


Section One Day of Service

The Section One Day of Service Committee is responsible for making all arrangements for the project the Lodge will do.  The One Day of Service is an opportunity for the Lodge to give back to the community.


OA Mentoring

The OA Mentoring Committee is responsible for matching volunteers to units that need additional help in Scout Skills.


Troop Representative

The Troop Representative Committee is responsible for assuring that each unit has a Troop Representative.  The Troop Representative acts as the liaison between the Lodge and the unit.


Trading Post and Fundraising Committee

The Trading Post Committee is responsible for having the Lodge Trading Post open at all membership events.  It must keep an accurate inventory of items and sales so ordering and accounting can be done. It will plan and execute fundraising projects by coordinating volunteers through the chapter secretary/treasurer.


Vigil Committee

The Vigil Committee is responsible for the selection, recognition, and induction of Vigil members in the Lodge.  (Restricted Membership)