Communications Committee

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The Communications committee is looking for people to expand lodge communications.

We have numerous coordinator positions and are also looking for general help from youth and adults.

Communications Chair – responsible for the activities of the committee and has a voting role on the Lodge Executive Committee; Brings the whole team together to run communications for the lodge using a communication schedule.

Webmaster – maintain the lodge website

Social Media Coordinator – manages social media platforms (can be split among people)

Photographers for events – to document activities taking place

Newsletter editor – to document activities of the lodge

Promotions creator – We have multiple avenues to tell people what we are doing and what we have done.

Drone operator for events – Who doesn’t love showing what’s going on?

Video editor; expert tik tok user – Got the cinematography merit badge or know how to work a camera? We want to people to create video content of our efforts

If interested, reach out through the Contact Us page.