Dance & Drum

Greetings to all Lodge members from the Dance Team!

The Dance Team is still rocking. No matter where we go or what we do, you can guarantee that we are going to be having a great time. We love to Dance and Sing!

Welcome to all our new interested Arrowmen from this year’s Ordeal season. If you have not been contacted by a Dance Team member by now, we have a problem with your information, please contact us. We want you to join the fun!

The Dance Team is always looking for new ways to serve others. We will perform for many packs, troops, other organizations in the council. These shows include singing and dancing styles similar to what you would see at a powwow. Its a lot of teaching others and representing the OA in our community.

We will supply dance outfits for anyone interested.

If you know anyone who is thinking about scheduling a show, please encourage them to call well in advance. We are sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone’s request.

Listen closely, my brothers, you can hear the drum!

Click here to learn more about dance styles.