Fall Fellowship

Friday, September 16, 2022 to Sunday, September 18, 2022

Fall Fellowship is held annually in September at Camp Friedlander.

The theme for this event will be: TBD


A Recap of the last Fall Fellowship:

At our annual Fall Fellowship and Lodge Banquet last weekend, September 17-19th, we had a total of 108 people in attendance! And our Centennial Celebration was jam packed with games, competitions, and so much more! 
Activities Friday and Saturday included a Brotherhood Ceremony put on by our awesome Ceremony Team, a series of games including a waffle eating contest, a canoe portaging race, a paper airplane throwing contest, an RC car obstacle course, gaga ball, slingshots, and balloon-on-ankle stomping game! The participants were separated into three teams, and the winning team was Team Team Rock Burrito Waffle! (Their official name was Team 2) The members of this winning team were Alton J, Sam M, Adam R, Andrew B, Emmett B, and Alanna C! 
Following the games was a special powwow to honor J.D Bartlett. 30+ people came out just for the powwow, including past lodge members that haven’t been seen in a while, and many of the participants already at Fall Fellowship came to honor J.D! Seasoned dancers and dancers who were just learning came together for many dances. It was an amazing powwow that we’re sure J.D would be proud of. 
Saturday evening held the annual Lodge Banquet and Vigil Call-out, and many awards were given to very deserving Arrowmen! 
First was the Chief’s award, given by the lodge chief to the individuals they feel were instrumental in their term. Both our 2020-2021 Lodge Chief, Alexander S, and our 2019-2020 Chief, Aedhan S, gave their Chief’s awards at the banquet.
The recipients of Aedhan’s Chief’s Award were Austin S, Jack K, Zoanne B, Carolyn B, and Ryan M.
Alexander’s Chief’s Award was given to Andy D, Alex S (a different Alex, not himself), Bridget C, Sam H, Colum S, Jim H, Lucas B, and Zack B.
We would like to congratulate all of these deserving Arrowmen on receiving this award, and we thank them for their awesome service!
Next was the Active Arrowmen Award, given to the Arrowmen who attended 6 or more events in the past year. The recipients of this award were Lucas B, Alanna C, Bridget C, Donnigan C, Ian C, John C, Patrick C, Charlie E, Andy D, Sarah D, James F, Lillian G, Bill G, Jim H, Brian H, Deacon H, Alton J, Colum S, and Austin S! Thank you for staying so active in our Lodge even in the midst of this pandemic!
The next award was given to the Chapter with the most members present at the banquet this year, and the award was given to Majauchsin Chapter with their Chapter Chief Donnigan C and Chapter Advisor John C! 
The Founder’s Award was given this year to Sam H, an Arrowman that’s always willing to help the lodge wherever needed, whether it be ceremonies, check-in, or anything else, and was truly deserving of this award! Thank you Sam, for everything you’ve done! Ku-Ni-Eh is extremely grateful to you!
Next was the Archie J. Williams Award, given to an adult in the lodge that goes above and beyond to aid the lodge and it’s members. The recipient of this award, along with being the Majauchsin Chapter Advisor, can be found at almost every event helping with whatever the lodge may need. Thank you, John C, you truly deserved this award and the Ku-ni-eh is extremely grateful!
The Elangomat Achievement Award is given to the Elangomats who inspired the members of their Ordeal Groups to stay active in the OA and even come back to complete their Brotherhood six months later. These three Elangomats are Zoanne B, Sarah D, and Leonard A. Thank you for being such an awesome example to our candidates! 
For the last award given at the banquet, we must recognize those who were chosen for the Vigil Honor, which is the highest award the OA can give. The 12 Arrowmen chosen were Zack B, Lucas B, Alexander S, Aedhan S, Andy D, Zoanne B, Jack K, Jared H, Ed B, and Daniel W! We congratulate all of you on this high honor and we thank you for your service!
Sunday morning, we held our annual lodge business meeting and officer elections, and the officers elected were Andy D as Lodge Chief, Daniel R as Vice Chief of Operations, Lucas B as Vice Chief of Programs, Donnigan C as Lodge Secretary, and Alanna C as Lodge Treasurer! We thank our past officers for their service and congratulate our new ones! We know you will all do great things for Ku-Ni-Eh! 
As you can see, we had a AMAZING time this weekend, and can’t wait for next year! But no need to wait that long to attend an awesome event, our Centennial year is filled to bursting with opportunities to get involved and have fun!