Lodge Leadership Development

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is typically held at at Camp Friedlander. It is a training meant to help grow your skills as a leader in the OA.

Please come prepared with the following:

  1. Your best class A uniform. LLD is a formal event.
  2. Lodge Plan book (If you have it) and Order of the Arrow Handbook (If you can find it). Note book and writing utensils or a computer are also a great idea.
  3. Ideas or goals for your committee or chapter.
  4. Thoughts, comments or questions about the Order of the Arrow or the Lodge.
  5. Standard camping gear. Sleeping bag change of clothes (We will be in class A the whole weekend) Do not need personal dishes other than a cup.
  6. Clothes according to the weather. You could be inside or outside. Come prepared.
  7. Lodge events usually have cheerful service, so be prepared for that.