Section Conclave

The C6-B Section Conclave is an annual event hosted by the Central Region’s Section 6 Order of the Arrow. Over the course of this weekend/ event, different lodges will have the opportunity to engage in fun, fellowship, and other Scouting related activities.

Arrowmen are strongly encouraged to attend a Section Conclave at least once in their life. Conclave is where you will find the most scout spirit assembled at a camp.

Typical conclaves involve spirit competitions, training, games and competition events, shows, ceremony evaluations, dance competitions, a powwow. It’s rub elbows with a national officer at some point during the weekend. How cool is that!

The lodge will communicate the price, housing, food, and and travel plans as the information is available.

This year’s Conclave will be May 13-15, 2022 at Camp Cricket Holler in Dayton, Oh.

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Here’s a summary of the 2021 Conclave:

Section C-6B, which contains our lodge along with four others, and stretches all across Western Ohio all the way to Toledo, had their annual Conclave this past weekend, May 16th-18th at Camp Birch hosted by Tarhe Lodge with over 120 people from across the section in attendance, and it was a BLAST! Although Miami Lodge took home the Spirit Stick this year, (They didn’t tell us who got second place but we like to think it was us) we have tons of other cool things to tell you about. 

Ku-Ni-Eh placed second AND won Scout Spirit in the scavenger hunt, and second in the Adviser Rock Paper Scissors tournament!

And, Ku-Ni-Eh’s own Aedhan S was elected for a second term as Section Chief!

We played games like 9-Square, Gaga ball, threw Tomahawks, shared funny and meaningful stories about experiences in the OA, had a dance party, competed in a game show, watched all the lodge chiefs race on tricycles, and so many other things that made this weekend memorable!

Some of Ku-Ni-Eh’s own youth helped run the events, so a HUGE thank you to everybody for making this such a fun event!  It wouldn’t have been the same without all of you in attendance, because really, what’s an event without the Arrowmen? Again, thank you for running Conclave and attending, and we can’t wait to see you again next year!!