Strategic Plan

2018 Strategic Plan


National Vision:

As Scouting’s national honor society, the Order of the Arrow is an integral part of the council’s program. Our service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich and help to extend Scouting to America’s youth.

Lodge Vision:

We, as the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge Officers of the 2017-2018 term, intend to reach the Lodge’s full potential by  reinforcing the four purposes of the Order of the Arrow: providing a quality program, increasing attendance through effective communication and new activities, improving the Dan Beard Council and the community through brotherhood and cheerful service, insuring the chapters’ successes by providing motivation and guidance, being fiscally responsible, and training leaders for the future of Scouting, the community and the World.

Lodge Goal

It is the goal of the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge to strengthen the overall experience of Arrowmen in Dan Beard Council. In doing so we will strengthen the council camping program and provide each Arrowman with the tools necessary to support his troop’s program.


2018 Strategic Action Plan


  1. All Lodge Officers
  2. Communicate with Advisor and respected Vice-Chiefs, Committee Chairmen and event chairmen on a weekly basis.
  3. Attend all Lodge LEC Meetings and Lodge functions.
  4. Achieve and succeed all goals for the year during which they hold their positions.


  1. Lodge Chief
  2. Work toward achieving great heights through the new program “Journey to Excellence.”
  3. Set SMART goals working together with the Lodge and Council to provide a successful year and future for Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge #145.
  4. Be visible at council events as the leader of the lodge and attend all Board meetings and Camping Committee Meetings as well as other meetings as required.
  5. Work with officers to create the most productive and successful program possible.
  6. Provide more enthusiastic, informative and productive Lodge Executive Committee Meetings.


III.  Chapter Relations Vice-Chief

  1. Visit each chapter at least one time during Office and help develop the chapter through a Chapter Assessment Program.
  2. Experience a 15% increase in overall chapter involvement throughout the lodge.
  3. Complete all unit elections by March 15th 2018.


  1. Service Vice-Chief
  2. Increase Ku-Ni-Eh corps attendance by at least 20%.
  3. Increase Committee membership by at least 15%.
  4. Keep track of all service hours in the lodge by utilizing a check-in/check-out list.
  5. Communicate with ceremonies chairman to ensure adequate ceremonies are conducted.
  6. Fulfill the Brotherhood conversion rate in order to succeed in the “Journey to Excellence Program.”


  1. Activities Vice-Chief
  2. While working with Event Chairmen, have all activities planned 3 months prior to event.
  3. Create quality events and increase participation by 15% at all events through proper promoting and planning.
  4. Assist all Chairmen in creating successful and above-satisfactory programs.


  1. Lodge Secretary
  2. Communicate with Lodge Chief on a weekly basis.
  3. Communicate with Adviser on a weekly basis.
  4. Work with Arrow’s Path editor to get a minimum of four editions of the Arrow’s Path out on time.
  5. Work with Webmaster to update and maintain the website.
  6. Communicate with chairmen on a weekly basis.
  7. Attend all Lodge EC meetings and all Lodge functions.
  8. Work with Treasurer and Trading Post staff to display trading post items on the Lodge website.


VII.  Lodge Treasurer

  1. Keep Trading post up to date and in proper working condition.
  2. Keep Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge financially well.
  3. Observe budgets and spending in the Lodge.
  4. Provide worthwhile investments and ideas for the financial aspect of the Lodge.


VIII.  All Chapter Chiefs

  1. Organize and Conduct at least nine well prepared monthly chapter meetings throughout the time of a calendar year.
  2. Conduct Unit elections properly and on time.
  3. Promote the Order of the Arrow through the Troop Representative Program and visibility as a chapter in the district and Council levels.


  1. All Committee Chairmen
  2. Attend all necessary Lodge functions and Meetings.
  3. Keep continual contact with Lodge Officers and Advisers.
  4. Achieve and succeed all goals for the year during which they hold their positions.


  1. Elangomat Chairman
  2. Insure all Elangomats are properly trained for our Ordeal Program.
  3. Understand and practice the importance of maintaining the principals of the ordeal.
  4. Make sure elangomats keep continual contact with their tribe members at least once a month for the year following the ordeals.
  5. Provide 20 Elangomats for May and August and 10 Elangomats for the June Ordeals.


  1. Troop Representative Chairman
  2. Insure all chapters designate members to coordinate Successful Chapter Networks.
  3. Conduct Proper Troop Representative Training using proper materials.
  4. Enable all Troop Representatives to be successful in all aspects of their duties.


XII.  Brotherhood Chairman

  1. Continue and maintain a correct Brotherhood process and Ceremony dates.
  2. Implement Brotherhood Activities and Ceremonies in all aspects of Lodge and Summer Camp Programs.
  3. Keep an up-to-date list of conversions and eligibility information along with other necessary documents and provide them to the Lodge Secretary and Adviser within one week of the ceremony.


XIII.  Ceremonies Team Chairman

  1. Lodge ceremonies team will conduct 3 informational training meetings in the ‘off’ season and whenever deemed necessary throughout the year to provide quality ceremony teams.
  2. Ceremony teams will practice proper ceremony techniques.
  3. Ceremony teams will compete at Section and National levels.
  4. Ceremony teams will continue Special Effects to enhance the ceremony experience.
  5. Ceremony teams will be available upon request for appropriate Lodge, Chapter and other events.


XIV.  Administration

  1. Improve Lodge Website
  2. Utilize website that is updated weekly and works as a catalyst for communications in the Lodge.
  3. Minutes will be published on website monthly.
  4. All Chapters will keep their information updated on a monthly basis.
  5. Arrow’s Path (Lodge Newsletter)
  6. Enable the newsletter editor to acquire articles in a timely manner for upcoming issues.
  7. The newsletter editor will work with event Chairmen to create appealing articles in the Arrow’s Path.
  8. Develop an outline procedure for newsletter articles (who, what, where, when, why and how).
  9. Develop a timeline for upcoming articles including a basic content overview.
  10. Committee Communication
  11. Have communications on a weekly basis or more often as needed.
  12. Utilize e-mail and phones as a resource for inter-committee communication.
  13. Chapter Communication
  14. Assist Chapters with Arrow’s Path articles.
  15. Assist Chapters with maintaining Chapter content on the website.
  16. Create and publish Strategic Plan yearly and make it available at all lodge functions.


  1. Camp and Council Support
  2. Promote the Native American Village as a quality program at Camp Friedlander Summer Camp.
  3. Promote the Order of the Arrow during Summer Camp and proper Council activities.
  4. Continue support of the Council OA Mentoring Program.
  5. Work with Council and Camp Rangers to provide a positive influence on Council and Camp activities in service opportunities and devotion.


XVI.  Promotion

  1. Promote Events in an enthusiastic but proper way well in advance of the event itself.
  2. Create Promotion material to promote Council, Lodge, Section and National events.


XVII.  Ku-Ni-Eh Corps

  1. Continue the weeklong service opportunity during Camp Friedlander Summer Camp.
  2. At least double participation and familiarize Scouters and Arrowmen about our new program.