Trailhead Kiosks – Fundraiser

Update: Fundraising completed in 3 weeks’ time. Progress pictures to come.

Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge Trail Crew is building trailhead kiosks to mark starting points of the We-Hin-Ay-Pay Trail. There will be two kiosks built, one at Camp Friedlander in front of the Camp Office, and one at the entrance to Cub World. Each will communicate trail information for units on how to hike the trail, acquire recognition, and provide a little bit of history.

These kiosks are the next phase in the trail program at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation. They will be entirely funded by members of the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge. The estimated cost is $5000. Any funds left over will be used beautify the fence near the Camp Friedlander Office.

We have the volunteers lined up to make this happen. The goal is to have the Kiosks in place by the end of the Ordeal Weekend. Give to this fundraiser to help make this happen. This will benefit scouts well into the future. This is a great opportunity to make a difference at your council camps.

All donors at the $100 level or above will be recognized. The fundraiser has brought in $4070 on facebook, $1000 in matching donations, and $200 in checks.