Unit Elections

Youth: Daniel R
Adviser: Chris Michelsen

Order of the Arrow Elections – How to Guide

The Arrowmen of the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge endeavor to conduct an Order of the Arrow (OA) election and/or OA presentation for every Dan Beard Council Troop, Ship, and Crew every year.  The Lodge wants every Scout, Sea Scout, and Venturer to be aware of BSA’s honor society and have the opportunity to join.  There is only one option to request an election, but there are multiple options to conduct them.

The first step is for the Troop OA Representative or SPL/ASPL to contact the Lodge via the unit election webform https://ku-ni-eh.org/unit-election-support/ or call the Lodge OA Election Adviser – Chris Michelsen (Adult) @ (804) 695-4844. Chris will explain the OA election process, outline the options to conduct an OA election, and gather the unit’s preferred dates, times, and location for the OA election.

For 2022, there are 3 options to conduct an OA Unit Election:

  • Members of the district’s OA Chapter conduct the OA election and/or presentation (Preferred)
  • If the unit is comfortable conducting the OA election, the Troop OA Representative or a unit Scout/Scouter who is an Arrowman may conduct the OA election after consultation with Chris Michelsen (he will explain process and provide required resources)
  • If the chapter and unit are unable to conduct the election, the Lodge will send a Scout or Scouter to the unit to conduct the OA election

Please do not hesitate to contact the lodge or call Chris Michelsen (Adult) if you have any question regarding unit elections.