Vigil Reunion

The Vigil Reunion

Held each year in April before the lodge vigil begins, all vigil Honor members of past and present gather for the evening to reminisce, reconnect, and encourage vigil candidates on their special evening.

The evening begins with a social hour from 5-6pm at Camp Friedlander. Usually historical displays are available during the social hour and the lodge trading post is open. The Rededication ceremony begins at 6pm for all present. The Vigil Honoree presentation follows the rededication ceremony. Dinner is served at 6:30pm.

Attendees are welcome to stay for the evening through breakfast on Sunday. Housing is provided.

You must register in advance.

A Vigil Reunion Honoree is selected each year. The tradition began in 2012.

Vigil Reunion Honorees

2012 – Ron Reorhig

2013 – Bill Palmer

2014 – John Hay III

2015 – Everett Sharon

2016 – Bill Gray

2017 – Terry Aufermann

2018 – Carolyn and JD Bartlett

2019 – Charlie Russelburg

2020 – Travis McCormick